Pre-written Example Topics, Questions & Answers

TopicQuestionAnswer - StrugglingAnswer - FrustratedAnswer - Doing WellAnswer - Successful
CareerHow successful do you feel?I feel like I haven’t achieved anything in my life.I wish I was more successful. I try so hard and feel frustrated.I am somewhat successful and have achieved some great things.I’m so blessed to have so much success in my life.
CareerHow would you describe your motivation for work?I work in a job that I hate.I find it hard to become motivated.Most days I am motivated.I am always motivated in a job that I love.
CareerAre you feeling worried and anxious about the future?Really worried. I can’t even pay my bills.From time to time I feel worried as I don’t know what the future holds.I’m hopeful about the future but remain cautious.I’m excited about what the future has in store for me.
RelationshipHow often do you see your friends?I rarely see my friends.Not as often as I would like.Occasionally, but often go far too long in between.Quite often which I’m really happy about.
RelationshipHow do you feel about your personal relationships?I’m very closed off, and limit having any personal relationships.I wish my personal relationships played more of a role in my daily life.My personal relationships are important to me and I value them highly.I am fulfilled with amazing personal relationships with whom I’m open and honest with.
Health and FitnesOn average, how many hours do you sleep?Very limited, around 3-4 only.Average is 5-7 hours a night.Most days I get 8 hours, but not everyday.I get a solid 8-9 or more every night.
Health and FitnesWhat best describes your attitude toward exercise during the workday?I don’t like it and struggle to tell myself otherwise.It’s a bit of a chore.Most days I’m happy to exercise.I always look forward to exercising and see it as a fun part of my day.
Health and FitnesHow do you describe your health and wellness?I feel incredible unhealthy and seems like nothing I do helps.I feel sluggish most days.I’m mostly quite good, well and healthy.I am always full of energy, and love myself and my body.
Work-Life BalancWhen you wake up in the morning are you excited to go to the office?I dread going into the office.It doesn’t excite me but I know it’s important.I don’t mind it. It's fun seeing my colleagues.I can’t wait to get to work and get going on things I enjoy.
Work-Life BalancHow much free time do you have per day?I never have free time.I wish I had more free time.I have free time but tend to catch up on other work.I have as much free time as I wish, when I wish.
Stress ManagemenDo you get anxious and overwhelmed easily?I always feel overwhelmed pretty much all the time.I feel anxious quite regularly.I’m anxious only occasionally.I’m one of those lucky stress-free people.
Stress ManagemenDo you find it easy to switch off and relax?I think I never switch off, and therefore never fully relax.It’s quite difficult to switch off and takes me a long time.I switch off occasionally and spend time with family and friends.I can easily switch off and find time for myself to relax properly.
Stress ManagemenWhen a task appears overwhelming it’s best to…Run and hide.I put it to the bottom of my to-do pile.I break it down and prioritise the tasks around my current workload.I like to get it done first and tackle it like a boss.
Time ManagemenDo you complete what you set out to complete most days?Never. I’m always playing catch up and struggle to get even a little way through my to-do list.I try but often other things get in the way.I do most days.I complete the majority of my goals each day with ease.
Time ManagemenWhen you are given a new task, how do you approach it?I hesitate and need to find out all the information possible and usually procrastinate before starting.I feel flustered at the thought of another task as my to-do list is so long.I get straight into the task and do it as quickly as possible however, I make mistakes so it takes a lot longer to complete.I understand the task and add it to my to-do list factoring in my other workload and times.
Organisation and feeling in controHow do you feel about goal-setting?I don’t ever set goals.I don’t know how to set SMART goals and see it as an extra task.I know my goals and know they are important.I like to set myself realistic goals that I can achieve.
Organisation and feeling in controDo you take time out of your day to realign and re-focus?I’m way too busy to do this.I struggle to take time out.I re-focus at the end of each day if i can.I often take quality time out of my day to make sure I’m staying on track.
Self-awareness and self-acceptancHow comfortable are you in your own skin?I hate looking at myself in the mirror.I have parts of my body that I’d like to change/get rid of.I feel comfortable in my own skin.I love to look at myself naked.
Self-awareness and self-acceptancIf you can change something, do you go ahead and take action and be courageous?I don’t believe in my ability to take action.I worry about the outcome of my action and therefore don’t take action easily.I believe in my abilities but always like to check my actions with a colleague prior to action.I happily take action and believe in my abilities and understand my values.
Self-awareness and self-acceptancHow do you value your contributions at work?I feel like everyday I’m undervalued and unappreciated for what I do.I feel that most of the time I’m undervalued.I feel valued on occasions.I know what I do each day matters and is making a real difference.
Personal fulfilment and MotivatioAre you happy with your current status in life?Honestly, no and I’m not really sure how I ended up here.I consider myself happy however, I’m not sure if I am doing what is right for me.I am happy and fulfilled which keeps me motivated and fulfilled.Super happy! Genuinely, I am super grateful for everything in my life.
Personal fulfilment and MotivatioDo you know how to keep yourself on track to achieve your goals?I’m not sure If I have any goals to keep track of.I don’t really know how to keep track of my goals.My goals keep me motivated and I track them from time to time but not always.Yes I am confident, I know where I am heading and where I need to be.
Personal fulfilment and MotivatioHow do you explore your values?I’ve never explored my values and what they mean to me.I know my values but they don’t govern my day to day decisions.My values play an important role in my professional and personal relationships.I live and stay true to my values everyday, which helps motivate me forward.
Confidence and self-esteeHow often do you feel things are going ‘your way’?Never! It seems like the world is against me.Not very often. It’s hard to see my successes.Sometimes things go my way but not as much as I would like.I am grateful for all the amazing things in my life going the way I planned.
Confidence and self-esteeHow do you approach risky tasks?I steer clear of anything risky in my life.I don’t enjoy risky tasks but I will do them if push comes to shove.I enjoy a risk/challenge and try to learn from the outcomes.I am always happy to take a risk when I feel it’s important for me to do so.