Example Topics and Questions

CareerHow successful do you feel?
CareerHow would you describe your motivation for work?
CareerAre you feeling worried and anxious about the future?
RelationshipHow often do you see your friends?
RelationshipHow do you feel about your personal relationships?
Health and FitnessOn average, how many hours do you sleep?
Health and FitnessWhat best describes your attitude toward exercise during the workday?
Health and FitnessHow do you describe your health and wellness?
Work-Life BalanceWhen you wake up in the morning are you excited to go to the office?
Work-Life BalanceHow much free time do you have per day?
Stress ManagementDo you get anxious and overwhelmed easily?
Stress ManagementDo you find it easy to switch off and relax?
Stress ManagementWhen a task appears overwhelming it’s best to…
Time ManagementDo you complete what you set out to complete most days?
Time ManagementWhen you are given a new task, how do you approach it?
Organisation and feeling in controlHow do you feel about goal-setting?
Organisation and feeling in controlDo you take time out of your day to realign and re-focus?
Self-awareness and self-acceptanceHow comfortable are you in your own skin?
Self-awareness and self-acceptanceIf you can change something, do you go ahead and take action and be courageous?
Self-awareness and self-acceptanceHow do you value your contributions at work?
Personal fulfilment and MotivationAre you happy with your current status in life?
Personal fulfilment and MotivationDo you know how to keep yourself on track to achieve your goals?
Personal fulfilment and MotivationHow do you explore your values?
Confidence and self-esteemHow often do you feel things are going ‘your way’?
Confidence and self-esteemHow do you approach risky tasks?